Feedback is a Vital Way for the Project Team to Gain Valuable Feedback from Users of the EV Charging Points of Their Experiences, both Positive and Negative.  All Users are Therefore Invited to Provide Feedback, no Matter How Small or on What Subject, Which Will be of Benefit to the Project Team and Help Improve the Overall Understanding of:

  • EV User Requirements
  • Charging Point Ease of Use
  • Charging Point Reliability
  • Charging Point Availability
  • Time to Charge Experience
  • Defects Observed
  • Benefits Obtained
All feedback shall be monitored, collated and used for the purposes of reporting back to Ofgem the results of this innovative trial in order to asses the benefits obtained both by the EV user and to the power networks.  We thanks all EV Users in advance for any assistance and feedback they may be able to offer to assist with this important analysis work.

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